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Pokemon with this type
Sugimori artwork of dratini
Long considered a mythical POKéMON until recently when a small colony was found living underwater.
Sugimori artwork of dragonair
A mystical POKéMON that exudes a gentle aura. Has the ability to change climate conditions.
Sugimori artwork of dragonite
An extremely rarely seen marine POKéMON. Its intelligence is said to match that of humans.
Sugimori artwork of kingdra
It is said that it usually hides in underwater caves. It can create whirlpools by yawning.
Sugimori artwork of vibrava
To make prey faint, VIBRAVA generates ultrasonic waves by vigorously making its two wings vibrate. This POKéMON’s ultrasonic waves are so powerful, they can bring on headaches in people.
Sugimori artwork of flygon
FLYGON is nicknamed “the elemental spirit of the desert.” Because its flapping wings whip up a cloud of sand, this POKéMON is always enveloped in a sandstorm while flying.
Sugimori artwork of altaria
ALTARIA dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds. By singing melodies in its crystal-clear voice, this POKéMON makes its listeners experience dreamy wonderment.
Sugimori artwork of bagon
BAGON has a dream of one day soaring in the sky. In doomed efforts to fly, this POKéMON hurls itself off cliffs. As a result of its dives, its head has grown tough and as hard as tempered steel.
Sugimori artwork of shelgon
Inside SHELGON’s armor-like shell, cells are in the midst of transformation to create an entirely new body. This POKéMON’s shell is extremely heavy, making its movements sluggish.
Sugimori artwork of salamence
SALAMENCE came about as a result of a strong, long-held dream of growing wings. It is said that this powerful desire triggered a sudden mutation in this POKéMON’s cells, causing it to sprout its magnificent wings.
Sugimori artwork of latias
LATIAS is highly sensitive to the emotions of people. If it senses any hostility, this POKéMON ruffles the feathers all over its body and cries shrilly to intimidate the foe.
Sugimori artwork of latios
LATIOS has the ability to make its foe see an image of what it has seen or imagines in its head. This POKéMON is intelligent and understands human speech.
Sugimori artwork of rayquaza
RAYQUAZA lived for hundreds of millions of years in the earth’s ozone layer, never descending to the ground. This POKéMON appears to feed on water and particles in the atmosphere.
Sugimori artwork of gible
It nests in small, horizontal holes in cave walls. It pounces to catch prey that stray too close.
Sugimori artwork of gabite
There is a long-held belief that medicine made from its scales will heal even incurable illnesses.
Sugimori artwork of garchomp
When it folds up its body and extends its wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed.
Sugimori artwork of dialga
It has the power to control time. It appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity.
Sugimori artwork of palkia
It has the ability to distort space. It is described as a deity in Sinnoh-region mythology.
Sugimori artwork of giratina-altered
A Pokémon that is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours. It appears in an ancient cemetery.
Sugimori artwork of axew
Il broie les Baies à grands coups de crocs. Ceux-ci repoussent plusieurs fois, toujours plus forts et aiguisés.
Sugimori artwork of fraxure
Comme ses crocs brisés ne repoussent pas, il les aiguise après le combat grâce à une pierre ramassée près d’un fleuve.
Sugimori artwork of haxorus
Il est doux, mais ne pardonne pas à ceux qui viennent saccager son territoire. Ses crocs peuvent découper de l’acier.
Sugimori artwork of druddigon
Il utilise ses ailes pour emmagasiner la chaleur du soleil. Si la température de son corps baisse, il ne peut plus bouger.
Sugimori artwork of deino
Il mord tout ce qui bouge, et mange tout ce qu’il trouve. Il vaut mieux éviter de s’en approcher.
Sugimori artwork of zweilous
Quand il a mangé tout ce qui traînait sur son territoire, il migre vers d’autres horizons. Ses 2 têtes s’entendent mal.
Sugimori artwork of hydreigon
Un Pokémon violent qui patrouille le ciel avec ses six ailes et se jette sur tout ce qui bouge, pensant voir un ennemi.
Sugimori artwork of reshiram
Un Pokémon mythique. Il projette de sa queue un tourbillon de flammes capable de tout emporter.
Sugimori artwork of zekrom
Sa queue produit de l’électricité. Il dissimule son corps dans un nuage électrique et plane dans le ciel d’Unys.
Sugimori artwork of kyurem
Son corps produit une énergie à très basse température, mais le souffle glacé qu’il exhale l’a gelé lui-même.