Strong Against
Doesn't Affect

Pokemon with this type
Sugimori artwork of geodude
Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.
Sugimori artwork of graveler
Rolls down slopes to move. It rolls over any obstacle without slowing or changing its direction.
Sugimori artwork of golem
Its boulder-like body is extremely hard. It can easily withstand dynamite blasts without damage.
Sugimori artwork of onix
As it grows, the stone portions of its body harden to become similar to a diamond, but colored black.
Sugimori artwork of rhyhorn
Its massive bones are 1000 times harder than human bones. It can easily knock a trailer flying.
Sugimori artwork of rhydon
Protected by an armor-like hide, it is capable of living in molten lava of 3,600 degrees.
Sugimori artwork of omanyte
Although long extinct, in rare cases, it can be genetically resurrected from fossils.
Sugimori artwork of omastar
A prehistoric POKéMON that died out when its heavy shell made it impossible to catch prey.
Sugimori artwork of kabuto
A POKéMON that was resurrected from a fossil found in what was once the ocean floor eons ago.
Sugimori artwork of kabutops
Its sleek shape is perfect for swim­ ming. It slashes prey with its claws and drains the body fluids.
Sugimori artwork of aerodactyl
A ferocious, pre­ historic POKéMON that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated saw-like fangs.
Sugimori artwork of sudowoodo
Although it always pretends to be a tree, its composi­ tion appears to be closer to a rock than a plant.
Sugimori artwork of shuckle
The BERRIES it stores in its vase-like shell decompose and become a gooey liquid.
Sugimori artwork of magcargo
The shell on its back is just skin that has cooled and hardened. It breaks easily with a slight touch.
Sugimori artwork of corsola
It continuously sheds and grows. The tip of its head is prized as a treasure for its beauty.
Sugimori artwork of larvitar
It feeds on soil. After it has eaten a large mountain, it will fall asleep so it can grow.
Sugimori artwork of pupitar
Its shell is as hard as sheet rock, and it is also very strong. Its THRASHING can topple a mountain.
Sugimori artwork of tyranitar
Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies.
Sugimori artwork of nosepass
NOSEPASS’s magnetic nose is always pointed to the north. If two of these POKéMON meet, they cannot turn their faces to each other when they are close because their magnetic noses repel one another.
Sugimori artwork of aron
This POKéMON has a body of steel. To make its body, ARON feeds on iron ore that it digs from mountains. Occasionally, it causes major trouble by eating bridges and rails.
Sugimori artwork of lairon
LAIRON tempers its steel body by drinking highly nutritious mineral springwater until it is bloated. This POKéMON makes its nest close to springs of delicious water.
Sugimori artwork of aggron
AGGRON claims an entire mountain as its own territory. It mercilessly beats up anything that violates its environment. This POKéMON vigilantly patrols its territory at all times.
Sugimori artwork of lunatone
LUNATONE was discovered at a location where a meteorite fell. As a result, some people theorize that this POKéMON came from space. However, no one has been able to prove this theory so far.
Sugimori artwork of solrock
SOLROCK is a new species of POKéMON that is said to have fallen from space. It floats in air and moves silently. In battle, this POKéMON releases intensely bright light.
Sugimori artwork of lileep
LILEEP became extinct approximately a hundred million years ago. This ancient POKéMON attaches itself to a rock on the seafloor and catches approaching prey using tentacles shaped like flower petals.
Sugimori artwork of cradily
CRADILY roams around the ocean floor in search of food. This POKéMON freely extends its tree trunk-like neck and captures unwary prey using its eight tentacles.
Sugimori artwork of anorith
ANORITH was regenerated from a prehistoric fossil. This primitive POKéMON once lived in warm seas. It grips its prey firmly between its two large claws.
Sugimori artwork of armaldo
ARMALDO’s tough armor makes all attacks bounce off. This POKéMON’s two enormous claws can be freely extended or contracted. They have the power to punch right through a steel slab.
Sugimori artwork of relicanth
RELICANTH is a POKéMON species that existed for a hundred million years without ever changing its form. This ancient POKéMON feeds on microscopic organisms with its toothless mouth.
Sugimori artwork of regirock
REGIROCK was sealed away by people long ago. If this POKéMON’s body is damaged in battle, it is said to seek out suitable rocks on its own to repair itself.
Sugimori artwork of cranidos
It lived in jungles around 100 million years ago. Its skull is as hard as iron.
Sugimori artwork of rampardos
Its powerful head butt has enough power to shatter even the most durable things upon impact.
Sugimori artwork of shieldon
A Pokémon that lived in jungles around 100 million years ago. Its facial hide is extremely hard.
Sugimori artwork of bastiodon
Any frontal attack is repulsed. It is a docile Pokémon that feeds on grass and berries.
Sugimori artwork of bonsly
It looks as if it is always crying. It is actually adjusting its body’s fluid levels by eliminating excess.
Sugimori artwork of rhyperior
It puts rocks in holes in its palms and uses its muscles to shoot them. GEODUDE are shot at rare times.
Sugimori artwork of probopass
It exudes strong magnetism from all over. It controls three small units called Mini-Noses.
Sugimori artwork of roggenrola
Il a une oreille hexagonale. Son corps, compressé dans des strates profondes, est dur comme de l’acier.
Sugimori artwork of boldore
Quand il est gonflé à bloc, ses cristaux orangés scintillent. Il cherche de l’eau souterraine dans les grottes.
Sugimori artwork of gigalith
Il comprime de l’énergie dans son corps, et ses attaques sont assez puissantes pour renverser des montagnes.
Sugimori artwork of dwebble
Il peut facilement creuser son trou dans les pierres les plus dures grâce au liquide sécrété par sa bouche.
Sugimori artwork of crustle
Entre eux, les querelles de territoire sont fréquentes et violentes. Celui qui se fait briser son rocher a perdu.
Sugimori artwork of tirtouga
Il a été recréé à partir d’un fossile préhistorique. Il peut plonger jusqu’à 1 000 mètres de profondeur.
Sugimori artwork of carracosta
Il vit sur terre et en mer. Ses bras surpuissants peuvent percer des trous dans la coque des paquebots.
Sugimori artwork of archen
On dit qu’il serait l’ancêtre de tous les Pokémon Oiseaux. Il ne sait pas voler et se déplace en sautant d’arbre en arbre.
Sugimori artwork of archeops
Il s’envole après avoir pris de l’élan. Il est assez intelligent pour chasser ses proies en groupe.
Sugimori artwork of terrakion
Il a combattu les humains pour protéger les Pokémon ayant perdu leur foyer à cause de leurs guerres fratricides.